Project Overview

Irvington Volunteer Fire Department

With the acquisition of 86 Main Street, the Irvington Fire House could be expanded to accommodate properly sized truck bays and address numerous deficiencies. Besides proper ADA accessibility, those deficiencies include safe clearance between trucks, proper decontamination room, protected cascade filling station, and a protected area for all turnout gear.

Administrative Offices

By acquiring 84 Main Street, all Village administrative offices (Clerk/Treasurer, Administrator, Building Department), the Justice Court, and Recreation Department offices could be relocated to a municipal building built in conjunction with the expansion of the fire headquarters.

Irvington Theater

Relocation of the Village administrative offices would allow the current lobby on the first floor in Village Hall to be used by the Irvington Theater. The grand staircase that once existed in the lobby could be restored as a new entrance to the Irvington Theater. The first floor could also accommodate a new box office, concession stand and properly-sized ADA accessible restrooms.

Recreation Department

In addition, the first floor in Village Hall could also host smaller Recreation programs. This, along with the relocation of the Recreation offices to the new municipal complex, would allow the current, aging I. K. Benjamin Recreation Center at 71 Main Street to be declared as surplus, allowing it to be re-purposed or sold.

Justice Court

The current Justice Court has numerous security deficiencies. As documented in a 2008 NYS security audit, the Justice Court lacks basic security features that put the judges and court staff at risk. Some of the recommendations from the 2008 security audit have been addressed, but some simply cannot be addressed in the current facility. By relocating the Justice Court to the new municipal complex, a properly secured facility can be built.

Police Department

By vacating the current Justice Court Room, the Irvington Police Department can utilize the space to address some of their security and operational concerns. Proper locker rooms can be provided to both male and female officers. Evidence storage, which is currently located outside of the secure Police headquarters, can be relocated within the headquarters. Additionally, a separate entrance for juvenile visitors can be established, as recommended for an accredited police agency. 

For many decades, the Police Department has been utilizing an outdoor shooting range for training purposes. Firearms training must be conducted regularly each year and the outdoor range allows our officers to be trained with minimal need for overtime costs. Relocating the range to the basement of the new fire house facility will create a more controlled facility that will improve the peace and comfort of those that live around the current range. It will also offer far greater flexibility in scheduling firearms training.