Critical and Important Needs

The construction of the Fire House and Municipal Complex will address over 30 critical needs across 8 Village departments. These critical needs include:

  • Provide ADA Accessibility in the Fire Headquarters, Building Department, Clerk/Treasurer, Recreation Offices, Police restrooms, Justice Court restrooms, and Theater restrooms.
  • Provide proper security for all Justice Court operations (courtroom, Judge’s chambers, court clerk offices), Administrator, Building Department, Clerk/Treasurer, and Recreation offices.
  • Improve Fire Department operations such as safe clearance between trucks, proper decontamination room, protected cascade filling station, and a protected area for all turnout gear.
  • Create proper shelter space for emergencies (warming and cooling centers).
  • Provide women’s locker room, secure and separate staff/juvenile entrances, and an indoor shooting range for the Irvington Police Department.
  • Improve access to the Town Hall Theater by creating a “Main Street” entrance along with proper lobby, box office, and concession space.
  • Discontinue the use of the I. K. Benjamin Community Center (71 Main Street) to allow for future productive use of the property.

In addition, the Project will also address another 30 needs that are considered “Important” as follows:

  • Proper storage of equipment and records for the Irvington Fire Department and Irvington Police Department.
  • A properly-sized courtroom / meeting room with equipment and furniture to allow for flexible use of the space.
  • Allow for flexibility to handle future facility needs for the Irvington Volunteer Ambulance Corps, the Irvington Police Department, and the Irvington Fire Department.
  • Shared use of equipment and staffing among multiple Village departments.
  • New and flexible programming space for the Irvington Town Hall Theater and the Irvington Recreation Department.